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Establishment of a Unified Lore and Narrative for Alien Worlds Metaverse

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Date: 2023-11-13

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Approved by: cairc.wam

Description of Proposal

This proposal is being submitted in accordance with the federation's request. Federation: We kindly ask each Planetary Syndicate to deliberate, vote, and approve this proposed lore as the foundational narrative for Alien Worlds.

To the Esteemed Leaders and Members of the Planetary Syndicates, Greetings. We, the team at Dacoco, the original pioneers of the Alien Worlds metaverse, approach the venerated Planetary Syndicates with a proposal we believe will bring further depth, coherence, and excitement to our shared universe. The heart of any metaverse lies not just in its mechanics, technology, or economy, but also in its stories—the lore that forms the backbone of its existence. The narratives we weave give life, context, and meaning to every action, every planet, and every life form in our expansive universe. Dacoco is excited to share that we have teamed up with esteemed Sci-Fi Author [REDACTED] to present the beginning of a reimagined, more expansive lore for Alien Worlds—one that goes beyond our current narrative and offers a richer backdrop for our shared universe.

This tale transcends our current narrative and embroiders a more immersive tapestry for storytelling, portraying the genesis, challenges, and dreams of the myriad races within our shared Metaverse, with Trilium at its epicenter. Proposed Lore: Trilium is the most bioreactive natural substance in the known Metaverse. It accelerates the mutation and replication of genetic material at an unparalleled rate in its raw form. This spells catastrophe for any organisms that make contact. The race that discovered Trilium, [REDACTED], researched it, refined it, and harnessed it. Ultimately, they discovered that they could precisely control the effect Trilium had on genetic material using technology they called [REDACTED]. They could eliminate disease, slow down aging, and make themselves better, faster, and stronger with super-organic abilities. But, the effects were temporary, only lasting as long as one could supply the [REDACTED] technology with Trilium.

This had profound impacts on every aspect of their society, economy, and culture. Eventually, the [REDACTED] ran out of Trilium and turned to the stars to locate more. Using Trilium and [REDACTED] technology to enhance their ability to survive in other atmospheres, the [REDACTED] began the Great Expansion, where an unprecedented exchange of culture, knowledge, and technology occurred as contact was made between more and more sentient species. Now, the only known supplies of Trilium are on six planets: Magor, Eyeke, Neri, Kavian, Naron, and Veles and are controlled by powerful Syndicates. Today, Trilium is at the center of the Metaverse.

‘Why solve the mystery of life when we’ve solved the mystery of death?’ - Notes from a Trilium Researcher Why this is Important: Consistency: A unified, overarching lore ensures that all players, developers, and stakeholders share a common understanding of the Alien Worlds universe, enhancing immersion and engagement. Depth: This introduces layers of complexity—economic, political, cultural—that can spur countless stories, missions, challenges, and innovations within the Metaverse. . Growth: A compelling story attracts a broader audience, enhances retention, and stimulates community involvement and content creation.

Community Building: A shared narrative fosters a sense of belonging, allowing players to find purpose and align themselves with the larger goals of the Alien Worlds metaverse. Decentralization: Collaboratively building this new world brings a new focus for decentralization. When the community controls the story it can eventually control the IP and beyond. We are optimistic that this enriched narrative will resonate with all members of the Metaverse, enhancing the Alien Worlds experience for every Explorer, builder, and creator. It is our belief that the next great IP will emerge not from a corporation but from a community.

This is only the beginning. The Dacoco Team https://alienworlds.io/blogs/expanded-lore/

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memo: Establishment of a Unified Lore and Narrative for the Alien Worlds Metaverse