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Miners Union NFT Mission

Proposal: gkmzvmi1mbge

Date: 2023-03-21

20,000.0000 TLM

Value: $272.8

Approved by: cairc.wam, phlbq.wam, .p2bu.wam

Description of Proposal

We are excited to announce that we are allocating 20,000 TLM towards buying NFTs like Standard Drills and Standard Capacitors and rewarding them to explorers who join our upcoming 7-day mission on Miners Union!

During the 7-day mission, explorers will have the opportunity to join Space Crafts and compete for rewards based on how many they join. The top 100 users who join the most Space Crafts will receive rewards, with the first 50 receiving 1 Standard Drill each, and the remaining 50 receiving a few Standard Capacitors each.

In case there are not 100 Participants then we will distribute the extra NFTs to the top 25 SpaceCraft participants. Making sure the explorers will challenge themselves to pass the others and get more spacecrafts. Plus the top 3 Participants will receive an extra NFT for working hard and being the best in their league!

Remember, the Magor event is still active, and Capacitors can be used to swap for Standard Drill, which in turn can be used to swap for NFT Power Tools.

This 7-day mission will take place once per month, making it a special opportunity to earn NFT rewards.
So what are you waiting for? Join the mission today and start exploring! You can learn more and sign up at https://minersunion.io/

alien.worlds: transfer

from: eyeke.dac

quantity: 20,000.0000 TLM

memo: Miners Union NFT Mission

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