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Battledome Login and Loyalty Rewards

Proposal: i1keuffu5tjn

Date: 2023-04-12

199,999.0000 TLM

Value: $2,510.3

Approved by: 1fdba.wam

Description of Proposal

Please refer to the proposals submitted at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdAEh9fvYTTZjuN8lE4S6xdZw9FS4xAPvbvEXXgDvM51iAACA/viewform

Proposal Name
Battledome Login and Loyalty Rewards.
Proposal Overview
Restack.AI is an independent Web3 game studio based in Lviv, Ukraine, and the Galactic Hubs Season 1 and 2 Pioneer Grants recipients. We built Battledome in Season 1 and are currently developing a community toolset for Season 2, allowing us to decentralize the game. In our Discord, we set up a Battledome focus group, inviting active and vocal players to solicit feedback.
As a result, we created, ranked, and estimated a backlog of community feature requests based on the value it provides to the community: increased user participation and retention. The demand for TLM and AW NFTs will continue to rise, benefitting the community and ecosystem.
This is our third community request after successfully implementing the minion movement feature. Login rewards aim to increase player retention and loyalty, generating interest in the Alien Worlds Metaverse as a whole.
DAO terms compliance
Does the proposal comply with the rules of the DAO? Yes https://play.alienworlds.io/syndicates/naron/memberTerms
Project Objective
Battledome aims to increase user engagement and new user acquisition by creating a compelling skill-based game. Battledome requires and, therefore, creates demand for Alien Worlds NFTs (Minions & Weapons) and TLM for extended play (repairs). The proposal is one of many community requested enhancement requests to improve the gameplay in terms of enjoyability, accessibility, and participation. Adding player login (loyalty), rewards will increase user retention and generate new interest in both Battledome and the Alien Worlds metaverse. Moreover, increased Battledome activity ultimately leads to increased demand for Alien Worlds NFTs and TLM. Note that after we complete the Community Toolset (GH Pioneer Grant 2 project), we will be rolling back 50% of the repair revenues to the community (see the Medium article for details)
Business Model
Battledome is a free-to-play game offering premium services and upgrades. If the user reaches their daily play limit, they can recharge with TLM (repair their damaged weapons and injured minions) and continue to play. Players earn TLM, NFTs, and Skulls (in-game currency) when they win. Like any game, it constantly evolves and improves based on the feedback we receive from players.
We will seek funding for each community-requested enhancement on an ongoing basis, depending on the availability of our developers and demands from the community. Currently, our backlog, created and managed by the community, has ca. 6 months of work.
Project Description
We will implement daily login rewards in the game. Players who log in and play at least one game for five consecutive will receive a small bonus, and players who log in every day for 30 days will receive a free “Boost” NFT. The boost NFTs are new and are consumable for cool and powerful effects in the game!
We will deliver the following modules:
1. Login and play a game for 7 days in a row => 5 free skulls
2. Login and play a game for 30 days in a row => A free Boost NFT
3. Boost NFTs are one of Skullz, Potion, Repairs
4. The following Boost NFTs will be implemented:
a. Skullz - Redeemable for Skullz
b. Potion NFTs - Ones that can be used in gameplay and last for 24 hours
c. Repairs - repair all your NFTs and grant free repairs for 24 hours
5. Note that all these NFTs will be on-chain and available for trading on the Wax Atomic Hub Marketplace.
6. The mechanism for using a Boost will either be to “burn” the NFT or exchange it (TBD)

Following this timeline:

1. Project initiation: (1 person day) Specify the project for the jr. developers.
2. Art & Graphics (3 person days)
3. Coding (10 person days): Steve will manage the two junior developers to implement the changes.
4. Testing (3 person days): We will work with the community to test the update and make necessary updates and changes to ensure smooth gameplay.
5. Release (1 person day): Push the final changes and update our player guide.
6. Post-Release Support & Tuning (2.5 person days)
Requested Funding
This project is estimated to take 140 hours of software design, development, and testing ($75/hr) and 20 hours of graphic design ($20/hr) to complete at a total price of $10,500 + $400 = $10,900. This time estimate includes project management and knowledge transfer from our CTO to community developers.
• 500,000 TLM (TLM = $0.022 on April 4) – denominate to dollars on the payment day.

• 50% in advance and 50% upon completion.

• Requesting 200,000 TLM from Eyeke
• Requested 200,000 TLM from Naron
• Received Commitment 100,000 TLM from Veles
Your Team
Our estimate includes management, development, testing, post-delivery support, and adjustments.
Steve Murphy (Game Architect)
Steve has over 25 years of experience as a software engineer in the gaming, finance, and government sectors. He built and continues to maintain Battledome. In addition, he will direct and mentor two new developers who will deliver the project.
Alexander Grover (Project Manager)
Alex is a 25+ year experienced project manager and business leader with corporate experience. He will manage developer relations, the project timeline, and communication with Alien Worlds.
Danny N (Fullstack Developer)
Danny is studying for his Master’s Degree in computer science at Lviv Polytechnic University. He will be an apprentice under Steve as a fullstack developer, supporting Battledome.
Kristiyan T (Jr. Frontend Developer)
“Bulga” is a community member who will apprentice under Steve to support Battledome. He will start on the frontend, learning React before learning the backend and smart contracts.

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from: eyeke.dac

quantity: 199,999.0000 TLM

memo: Battledome Login and Loyalty Rewards