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From Concept to Creation

Proposal: idckmz3zidlf

Date: 2023-03-14

37,000.0000 TLM

Value: $464.4

Approved by: cairc.wam, .p2bu.wam, phlbq.wam

Description of Proposal

We're excited to announce that we're dedicating 37,000 TLM towards acquiring NFT Power Tools to help promote Alien Worlds and Miners Union.

Our goal is to spread the word about this amazing tool that enables explorers to vote for their favorite candidate and embark on missions.

With this budget, we'll be purchasing the NFT Power tools and collaborating with content creators / WAX ambassadors to create compelling videos that showcase the benefits of Miners Union and Alien Worlds.

We believe that by working together, we can raise awareness and attract more explorers to join us on this exciting journey.

alien.worlds: transfer

from: eyeke.dac

quantity: 37,000.0000 TLM

memo: From Concept to Creation