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Essential Funding Alien Worlds Quest Development

Proposal: r1vfvbopnjwk

Date: 2022-12-16

100,000.0000 TLM

Value: $1,472.8

Approved by: 5thba.wam

Description of Proposal

Alien Worlds Quest (AWQ) is a weekly questing system, which will bring new players to Alien Worlds, give players of Alien Worlds additional ways to earn and shine a spotlight on other games, who help provide for the weekly prize pool in return.

While we do have experienced and skilled team members for some areas, we unfortunately cannot cover topics like Web Design, Artwork or Frontend Development. For this we are using outside contractors, who of course deserve some guaranteed stability as well as a fair payment. With the essential funds we want to build a fund to cover these expenses, guarantee some stability as well as pay for other running costs like Hosting or RAM.

alien.worlds: transfer

from: eyeke.dac

quantity: 100,000.0000 TLM

memo: Essential Funding Alien Worlds Quest Development

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