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The Bees Alien Worlds (“AW”) Planet Proposal

Proposal: uqkex324f54w

Date: 2023-03-07

150,000.0000 TLM

Value: $2,046.2

Approved by: hweaq.wam, 51mqs.wam, a.d3u.c.wam

Description of Proposal

As submitted by Jesse:

"The Bees Alien Worlds (“AW”) Planet Proposal
Amplify Tweets and Educate Bees

The Bees offer a digital marketing amplification and engagement tool that uses cryptocurrency to incentivize activity on Tweets. It’s called a “Swarm”. Our Bees, or users, are organized and notified via chatbot technology on Telegram. We coordinate the Bees to engage on Tweets timely and simultaneously. This is key to leveraging the biases in Twitter’s boosting algorithm.

We teach our Bees through reinforced learning using comments. By offering incentives and feedback, the Bees will learn what AW promotes. Knowledgeable, active community members at scale is the long term vision.

We work to ensure each Bee is one unique human. We mitigate Sybil attack by requiring each new registrant to submit a unique video of themselves as well as other conventional verification techniques.

We abide by the Bee Code to never insult. If a Tweet has an insulting or negative message, we will not Swarm it.

Our goal is 2-tiered:
To foster collaboration amongst planets through mutually beneficial marketing promotion
To increase the metric for LunarCrush’s social engagement (“LSE”) for $TLM

AW Implementation
The complete proposal is for all 6 planets. The goal is to teach and amplify AW in a way that fosters collaboration between the planets. Each planet that signs up will have access to a lump sum of Swarms. An active custodian could use the Swarm on their own planet’s Tweets, or gift a Swarm to another planet. If gifted, the generous custodian will receive an NFT. The custodian with the most NFTs at the end of the period will get a one time top-up of Swarms for their planet.

An active custodian from a planet that approves this proposal will interact with our Chatbot to:

Authenticate their official WAX address for being an active AW custodian
Submit a Tweet to Swarm
Get notified how many Swarms leftover for the period

An active, authenticated custodian can submit any Tweet, as long as:
The tweet uses $TLM
Content is about AW
Tweet does not insult or emit negativity towards another entity

Possible Tweets include, but not limited to:
Alien Worlds account @alienworlds
Planet’s account @planet
A set of designed Tweets planned to release on @planet
A Tweet about AW from the individual’s custodian Twitter account
A Tweet about AW from a random account

Custodian details:
If the custodian is no longer active, they would not be able to request a Swarm
If it’s the custodian’s last day, then they could still request a Swarm
An active custodian cannot block another active custodian from requesting a Swarm
Telegram accounts will be authenticated by sending .0001 $TLM from a custodian’s verified WAX address to the bees4wax.gm address with memo “custodian verification”.
Upon each request, we will verify whether the custodian is active

We are currently requesting funds for Step 1 only:

Step 1 - setup
To build the functionality in the Chatbot to:
Customize authentication flow for AW
Differentiate between planets
Implement counter for a basket of Swarms
Notify how many Swarms available for a given Planet
Create the Gift NFT and relevant chatbot logic

In Step 1, only one planet needs to fund it. Getting the funding requested will build the setup for all planets.

Step 2 - operation
Here we suggest at least 15 Swarms per planet that should be used in a 30 day period. When a request comes through the Chatbot, we execute it in a timely manner. Average response time is 10min in the hours from 1200-2200 UTC. Each Swarm will include:

400 Bees who like/RT/follow
20 Ambassador Bees who comment
Bee teacher who grades the comments for quality
Comments are graded as DENIED, GOOD or GREAT
Top up 15 Swarms to the planet who gifted the most Swarms at the end of 30 days

Step 3 - report
The Bee team will create a report to show Swarm analytics and impact. The report will include:

Average and total views
Average and total RTs
Average and total likes
Total views minus historical average (to see total Swarm impact)
Total RTs minus historical average
Total likes minus historical average
Added views, likes, RTs per bee (to see Swarm by Swarm impact)
Analysis on LunarCrush metrics:$TLM ratio
Suggestions going forward

Step 1 period:
30 days.

Step 1 cost:
150,000 $TLM

*This proposal is requesting funds for Step 1 only

Step 2 period:
30 days

Step 2 cost:
106,000 $TLM

Step 3 period:
7 days

Step 3 cost:

Case Study:

Supporting data:
Swarming will likely increase LSE for $TLM. There is evidence to suggest that LSE and a token’s marketcap (“MC”) are positively correlated. The data below is taken from Swarming the $EOS cashtag.
The data was collected from November 28, 2021 through February 14, 2023. The duration is 437 days.
First, we compare LSE during days when Swarms are active and inactive in order to show the Swarm’s direct affect on LSE.

It means that, on average, the LSE value is multiplied by 2.9 on the days when we perform at least one Swarm compared to the days when we do not Swarm.

Then, we collected the LSE and MC values of 7 cryptos for the duration period:
The following chart shows the ratio between LSE:MC across the basket of cryptos. We hypothesize that there will continue to be a positive correlation.

The graph shows there is a consolidating trend that supports the hypothesis. It suggests that most cryptos have a similar LSE:MC ratio. It means that increasing LSE should correspond to an increase in MC, and vice-versa.
This proposal could elevate the AW brand, $TLM, the planets, and the players for the benefit of all. By gamifying collaboration, the planets should get 1+1=3 effects, all the while potentially increasing the value of their token allocation to fund more projects. We hope to create a breathtaking value cycle for AW.
Thank you for your consideration and support!"

alien.worlds: transfer

from: eyeke.dac

quantity: 150,000.0000 TLM

memo: Amplify Tweets and Educate Bees