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Discord Bot Powered by a Local LLM

Proposal: v5mmh5shz2n1

Date: 2023-11-05

1,000.0000 TLM

Value: $13.6

Approved by: jbhqu.wam, 15vgq.wam, 51mqs.wam

Description of Proposal

"A collaborative project to create a Discord bot that leverages the capabilities of a local Language Model (LLM) for processing user queries related to Alien Worlds, a popular blockchain-based virtual universe. This project involved several key components and tasks:

Discord Bot Development:
We initiated the project by developing a Discord bot capable of receiving messages and interacting with users in a designated Discord server.
The bot was equipped with features for processing user queries and relaying them to the underlying Python program.

Python Program Integration:
We integrated a Python program, powered by Langchain, into the bot's architecture. This program serves as the intermediary between user queries and the LLM.

User Query Processing:
Users are able to send questions and queries to the Discord bot in natural language, such as "Which custodians are on Kavian?"
"Who did t1dbe.wam vote for in the past week?"
"Who are the candidates on Neri?"
The Python program is responsible for extracting pertinent information from the user's query, ensuring that the question is relevant to Alien Worlds, and formulating a template for the LLM.

LLM Interaction:
The core of the system is the LLM, a local language model that can generate responses based on the provided templates.
The Python program formulates a template based on the user's query, which includes placeholders for specific information required for querying the Alien Worlds API.

Alien Worlds API Integration:
The Langchain-powered Python program interacts with the Alien Worlds dao and mining APIs to retrieve the necessary data to answer the user's question.
It dynamically constructs the API query using the extracted information from the user's query.

Response Generation:
The LLM generates a response using the formulated template and the data obtained from the Alien Worlds API. This response is designed to be human-readable and informative.

User Communication:
The Discord bot relays the LLM-generated response to the user who initiated the query, ensuring that the answer to their question is provided in the Discord server.

Continuous Improvement:
The team focuses on enhancing the performance of the system, fine-tuning the LLM, and improving the accuracy of the responses provided to users.
In summary, our team successfully built a Discord bot that serves as a user-friendly interface to access information from Alien Worlds by leveraging a local Language Model and Langchain. This project enables users to seek answers to their questions about Alien Worlds in a natural language format, streamlining the process of retrieving data from the Alien Worlds API. It exemplifies the potential of combining language models, APIs, and chatbots to provide meaningful and accessible information to users in a conversational manner. It currently only works with the dao api which is running locally but we plan to add in the mining api and add in all the alien worlds lore and documentation for users to ask questions on. This will allow anyone to easily get information about the alien worlds ecosystem using a chatbot."

Will be seeking Galactic Hubs support for permission to use Alien Worlds name and IP.

alien.worlds: transfer

from: eyeke.dac

quantity: 1,000.0000 TLM

memo: Discord Bot Powered by a Local LLM