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Quantumoid Funding/Contest

Proposal: cxr5vbr3lzsf

Date: 2024-06-05

30,000.0000 TLM

Value: $375.3

Approved by: hweaq.wam, neyau.wam, anyo.cabal

Description of Proposal

Quantumoid is a customized AI platform offered to Metaverse players through Telegram’s social media app. This platform offers creators free tools to imagine and create the Metaverse.
Some of the ways creators have been using Quantumoid this year:

1) Imagining the elements of planets
2) Creating images of places they want to see in the planets
3) Imagining functions and services of these places
4) Creating images of events and experiences to chronicle them
5) Drafting language and creating images regardless of language proficiency
6) Attracting other creators

The program evokes feelings of empowerment and belonging among participants by providing tools and incentives for user-generated content, a collaborative environment where
creators feel valued and motivated to share their unique talents and perspectives.

It communicates that every player has the potential to shape the world of Alien Worlds through their contributions, whether they are artists, storytellers, developers, or simply enthusiasts with creative visions (^^,)


》 Community Engagement: Engaging with the community is crucial for fostering a vibrant and dynamic
environment where users feel connected to both the platform and each other.

》 User Empowerment: Giving users the tools and recognition they need empowers them to create content that
can significantly enhance everyone's experience.

》 Economic Incentives: Providing economic incentives not only stimulates participation but also helps sustain a thriving ecosystem where creators can benefit from their efforts.

》 Creativity: Encouraging creativity leads to diverse content which enriches the metaverse, making
it more appealing and engaging for current users while attracting new ones.

》 Continuous Adaptation: Working on such campaigns highlights the importance of being adaptable, listening to feedback, analyzing engagement metrics, and continuously refining strategies to support growth.

The program exemplifies how user-centric initiatives can drive engagement in virtual worlds like
Alien Worlds by creating an emotionally resonant experience centered around co-creation, shared goals, and mutual growth within its digital space.

We are requesting the following support:
》 5,000 TLM per month for hosting fees
》 5,000 TLM per month for creator contest rewards through bounties

To begin, we are requesting 30,000 TLM for 3 months. I will contribute my services to the project during this time.
The current number of users in the group is 56, and with this support, we anticipate being able to add at least 20 new creators during the next 3 months.

alien.worlds: transfer

quantity: 30,000.0000 TLM

memo: Quantumoid Funding/Creator Contest